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PrintIT™ is the easiest way to get professional quality prints using your personal computer and a standard desktop colour inkjet or laser printer. That's one way of putting it. Quite a boring one.

The other is:
PrintIT™ is the best combination of value and simplicity to get that printer hanging off the end of your PC to do something interesting and useful for a change.

But really:
If you're a home user, it can help realise your printing dreams. That may sound a little over the top, but just think about it for a second. PrintIT™ products, especially in combination with PrintIT™@Home software, help you become your own greetings card factory, produce your own digital photo album, party invitations and fridge magnets. You could make your own totally personal, professional-level colour labels to raise the game of your jam in the fund-raising or gift stakes. You can even produce your own, amendable calendar, or make one for a relative with the help of the Self-Seal wallets. Make no mistake, PrintIT™ products can pay for themselves with a little imagination about the gifts they can help create.


If you're using your computer for work, it could even help pay for the computer. When you need a presentation document or leaflet that needs to be in colour on both sides, do it yourself with the best double-sided inkjet paper on the planet. You need business cards? Why go to a printer, with all the time that takes, plus the fact that you'll probably throw half of them away in these days of ever-changing e-mail, 'phone, fax and mobile numbers. Just print a few when you need them. Less hassle, no waste. And when you use the Self-Seal wallets on them, you've got an exhibition pass, a conference badge or a way of issuing your own membership cards without buying a laminating service or machine. And back to labels: just imagine being able to see if an item looks right, or produce an item customised for someone else in those irritatingly small quantities at a time, without having to set up and manage bought-out pre-printed labels. Just print off a few pages, in full colour, truly on-demand.


The list goes on and on, which is why we've put together a website to help you explore the possibilities. Click on the Tips and Applications sections to see the multitude of real things you can do with PrintIT™. But PrintIT™ is not just about flat stuff, even if the 'stuff' is very special. Because fancy paper is not enough when you're trying to do all these real world things. To make life easy, you need a way of pulling together images from different places, maybe adding text in the font and colour you want, getting it to print in the right place. You have already had experience of this, it's easier said than done, and once you've decided you do want to make useful things with your printer, do you want to call up a different software program for every application?

PrintIT™ includes specially developed software that we think adds a new dimension to your computer. It is intended to be a simple as possible to use, but it finally turns the PC into more than a word processor, fancy calculator and games machine. PrintIT™@Home and PrintIT™@Work, different titles that do the same thing in flavours appropriate to where you use them, are the added element, that, in combination with the right materials turn your printer into a personal digital press. They contain all those little things necessary to complete the job, like flipping and rotating text and images, but they also set up the templates to make images print over the edge of labels, so vital if you want to get colour to the edge, just like a 'real' printer. It is a key difference in creating a digital press. Even if you could align images to cut-outs with other software, you can't print them on the glorified mailing labels available through Windows™, which butt up to each other. Click on the PrintIT™@Home and PrintIT™@Work icons on the Home Page to find out more.

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The Self-Seal wallets mentioned above are a third type of PrintIT™ item, as you don't print on them. But, by making your printed item permanent, glossy and write/wipeable with water-based fibre-tips, they could be important to you in extending the potential of your personal press. The point is, they do want traditional printers call 'finishing', adding a final element in turning a piece of printing into a product. And Self-Seal fits with the PrintIT™ philosophy, which is:
'To provide software and materials to turn a personal printer into a digital press, without the need of additional appliances or machines'. (Check out the CD-labelling tip, it's really not that hard. Five minutes and a spare label sheet is cheaper than one of those special 'applicators'.)


The fourth item is this website, by the way, which will keep changing. It's a good place to check back into, as it will develop into a key forum for printing tips. It's the final element in trying to help you get the most out of your printer. And as helping you is in our interest, we will be adding money-saving or professionalism-enhancing hints on how to produce Really Useful Printed Things as soon as we have tested them for you.

Anyway, we hope you now have an idea of what the 68 (and growing) number of items in the PrintIT™ range can help achieve. There's a lot in it, and you will probably only pick out a few things at one time, but we hope you will look around the site and agree that PrintIT™ is the most comprehensive system available for finally raising the printer beyond the typewriter, to a level where it can also do interesting and rewarding work. And when you've worked out what you want to start with, click on the Stockists buttons to decide your easiest way to give PrintIT™ a try.

Enjoy the site, and do feel free to tell us what you think. Send us your tips, ask us to link to your images; you may even produce a print service using PrintIT™ that you want us to tell the world about. We hope to see you here again soon.

Please Note: PrintIT™ is not designed for the manipulation of your digital images, but for the easy positioning of your digital images for printing onto PrintIT™ products. For best results, any manipulation of your images should be completed prior to importing them.


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