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Frequently asked software questions:

Why is the bottom part of the program not showing?

First make sure that your screen resolution is set to 800x600dpi (this is found in the Control Panel-Display-Settings). Then go down to the status bar, showing at the bottom of your screen. Right click on this and choose Properties, then Auto Hide. This will ensure that your PrintIT™

software opens on top of the status bar, giving you the full screen to view the entire program interface. You may have to close PrintIT™ and re-open it to get the new settings in place.

Why can't I import my file in PrintIT™?

PrintIT™ supports .bmp(bitmap), .jpg, .tif, and .tga(targa) file types. If you have a different file type you can easily convert it into one of these using your graphics, or scanner software. This can be done in your software usually by choosing the Save As function and saving it as one of the supported file types. In some graphics software you can also do this by exporting the file as one of the supported types.

Can I have a font size that is not shown in the list?

Yes, you can have any font size you type into the box. This is using your computer's installed fonts, so any font type or size available on your computer are available here.

I am having trouble getting the photocards to print correctly!

With the photocards, try to be sure you have lined them up all the way over to the right side of the printer, as if they were a sheet of A4 paper. Then, when you choose to print them, you only need to choose the media type. You will not need to change the paper size yourself, but do make sure that your printer is set to default as A4, Portrait in your printer se-up function.

How do I open a graphic in PrintIT™?

When you create a file in PrintIT™, you can save it as a .pit (printit file). If you then wish to reopen that file, use the "open" button. This will only open .pit files. If you wish to bring in a graphic object of another file type, you will need to use the "graphics" button, which will allow you to import any supported file types (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, .tga).

How do I get my greetings cards to print correctly?

See greetings card tips!

How do I get more than 3 lines of text?

The text box only allows 3 lines of text at one time. You can either do it in stages and position the second group of text under the first manually, or, you can create the text in another program, such as Microsoft Word™, and copy and paste it into PrintIT™ (see below).

Why are some of my .jpg pictures unable to open or are distorted?

Some software programs (especially when using scanners) save your .jpg pictures in a shorthand version of .jpg, and not the true file format. To repair this, you will need to open your picture within any graphics program, such as Microsoft Paintbrush™, and then either resave as a .jpg and replace the current picture with a corrected one, or save as a .bmp to keep the original picture. This new picture will then be able to open correctly in PrintIT™.

Can I copy and paste into PrintIT™ from other programs?

You can copy and paste both text and supported graphics (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, .tga) into PrintIT™ from almost any other software. Just highlight what you wish to copy, hold down Control (Ctrl) on your keyboard and hit the letter "C". This will copy your selection. Then in PrintIT™, hold down Control again and hit "V" to paste it into place.

How do I get my CD labels to line up?

When printing a CD label it is important to keep in mind the centre circle in the template is the hole, and the outer circle is the outline of the CD. When preparing your picture to go on a CD label, make sure you put your text and important items like faces over to one side so they don't disappear. You can do this by cropping the picture in your graphics program.

How do I draw a line or other shape?

You can't draw within PrintIT™, but you can draw simple things in Microsoft Paint™, or another program and easily copy and paste them into PrintIT™, then resize and position as needed.

Why is my picture squashed down when I import it into a label?

When you import a picture where one or more dimensions are larger than the label size, the program will squash it down to make it fit. To avoid this distortion, make sure your picture is smaller than both dimensions of the label. This is especially noticable when you are putting a square picture into a rectangular label.

Feel free to send us your questions!


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